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SMP Episode #050: Nommy Hands

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Welcome! In honor of Halloween we decided to review a ‘horror’ movie. Well kinda. This movie has horror elements to it at least. Yes I’m talking about 1999’s Idle Hands. Stay tuned to hear how Jax reflects on this long ago purchased treasure, and how AJ reacts after his inaugural viewing.

Bonus this week, is the segment ‘AMF: Anyone Mention Food?’. AJ and Jax have been to the store as of late and found a few new hopeful tasty treats. Are they worth your dollar? Let us give you the low down.

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Note: A movie was mentioned during the podcast where the commentary was full of apologies. This movie has been clarified to be ‘Batman & Robin’.

Don’t forget our request, if you have a lead on where to find ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’, leave us a comment.

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Theatrical Release: April 30th. 1999

Starring: Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson

Rated: R

More Details: IMDB

Amazon.com: DVD | Multi-Format


Item: Oreo Fruity Crisp

Brand: Nabisco

Where To Find: Local grocery store, Amazon.com, big box store

Rating: Eh-oh. VERY sweet.Will be burping up fruity pebbles for two hours.


Item: Mountain Dew Mango Heat

Brand: Pepsi Co

Where To Find: Local grocery store, Amazon.com, big box store, Gas Station

Rating: Meh. Grab a Voltage instead.

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