2010's,Action,Fantasy,Horror,Jax,Podcast Episode #019: Piranhaconda

Episode #019: Piranhaconda

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Hello and welcome. Today we’re going to visit a semi-recent-ish Syfy new-classic “Piranhaconda”. Set in Hawaii, a mysterious demon legend comes to life for a Hawaiian University Professor, a B-Movie Film Crew, and others as they try to escape this deadly viper-fish. Join me in discussing this delightful romp, and then totally singing the title track for the next 2 hours!

Watch him as he goes teeth sharp as knives
Half fish half snake he’ll take your mind
You better run because he’s on your tail
You better hide because you know he never fails
So look out look out
I said look out look out

All he wants is human flesh and bones
Hauled and nabbed by himself alone
If you’re bold and trying have a swim
You’re going to find yourself eye to eye with him
I said look out look out
I said look out look out

If you don’t listen up to me
You’ll die man because you cannot see
This ain’t a song this is a warning
Tonight piranhaconda is coiling
Look out i said look out
Look out look out

Oooh Piranhaconda

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Theatrical Release: June 16, 2012

Starring: Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Rib Hillis

Rated: TV-14

More Details: IMDB

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