AJ,Jax,Podcast SMP Episode #068: Listen To Us Cry

SMP Episode #068: Listen To Us Cry

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Originally a Road Trip Rambles, our mic begged to differ. Re-recorded for your listening pleasure Jax and AJ discuss specific scenes from animated films which are the most likely to elicit tears from either of us.  Note, this list is in no way definitive as we honestly came up with the items over 20-30 minutes while driving down a barren stretch of highway in Northern California.

Think you know a scene we left out, or that you want to share with us, leave a comment below. 

Featured Promos This Week: Blumpkin & Friends and Happily Never After 

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Mentioned Films: 

Amazon.com – Bambi

Amazon.com – Big Hero 6

Amazon.com – Dumbo

Amazon.com – How To Train Your Dragon 2

Amazon.com – Inside Out

Amazon.com – The Chipmunk Adventure –
I am SO sorry. I had no clue this went out of print. If you’re lucky enough to find it, buy it!

Amazon.com – The Fox and The Hound

Amazon.com – The Iron Giant

Amazon.com – The Land Before Time

Amazon.com – Lilo & Stitch

Amazon.com – The Lion King

Amazon.com – The Princess and the Frog

Amazon.com – Toy Story 2

Amazon.com – Toy Story 3

Amazon.com – Up

Amazon.com – Wall-E



*** This podcast is dedicated to my late mother, Karen 1951-2017. She instilled in me a love for horror and bad movies. Love you mommy.

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