2010's,AJ,At The Matinee,Family,Jax,Podcast SMP At the Matinee Episode #041: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

SMP At the Matinee Episode #041: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

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It’s that time again. No, not THAT! Perv. It’s time for a new episode of Saturday Morning Pajamas. This weekend we kick off the old heels and settle in for the most anticipated movie of the summer…yes the remake of 1977’s Pete’s Dragon. What’s that? You were looking forward to Sausage Party or Kubo? Well tough, those will have to wait for next week. Today is all about Dragons.

Join Jax and AJ as we discuss the movie we were all ready to hate on…only to be miffed at just how enjoyable the film turned out to be. This is a NON-SPOILER PODCAST so do not be frightened if you still wish to check out the film. Without further ado, scroll to the bottom to check out the show!

Oh and as a treat, I’ve linked to a song from the 1977 original. Damn if AJ and Jax couldn’t stop humming the tune on the way to the theater.

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petes dragon 2016 poster

Theatrical Release: August 12, 2016

Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban

Rated: PG

More Details: IMDB

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